What is a shapeshifter? Traditional defiitions have shapeshifting, or metamorphosis, as the ability of an entity to physically transform into another being or form. I see shapeshifting as a journey. It is a process of transformation... of moving from one self to another. From one way of being to another. From one body type to another. From one way of living to another. From one attitude to another. From one way of creating to another. This process is usually incredibly healing, and while in that "in-between" state, you can feel like you're in a void of not knowing... anything. One might ask, why would you want to do this? Well, if you stayed comfortable all the time, you would never move or shift into a higher gear or state of being. You have to allow the alchemy of change to take place, and spin you into a higher vibration of being. Energy never dies... it just changes form.

My own brand, Shapeshifter Studios, has a shifting story behind it. In 2001 I bought the domain name shapeshifterstudios.com. Seemed like a “fun” name to use. It started as a site to showcase my art. Then I decided to add my design work as well. I became a certified yoga teacher and continued to add onto the site. A few years later I became a facilitator for Access Consciousness Bars classes, a healing energy modality. Around this time I didn’t know what was going on. What was I trying to create here? I tried a whole new brand and name, but it really never felt right. After taking a much deeper look inside of myself and noticing the messages my own art was giving me, The symbol in my logo came through and I knew this was the one to move forward with. It starts in the center, with the heart, and spirals out, so it can shine like the big beautiful bright sun.

More is on the way...stay tuned. You can contact me here.


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