Charlene Maguire


Charlene is a modern day shapeshifter.


What? What does that even mean?


Still trying to find the words to put on this page... the symbols we call letters which are put together into sentences will most likely shapeshift as time goes on for this page! She paints, draws, sings, dances, cooks, graphic designs, teaches, and also uses tools like yoga, astrology, and intuitive energetic healing which creatively opens the heart and keeps curiosity and wonder alive. She moves energy through

act of creating, something we are all capable of doing.

Charlene is an award-winning artist, modern day shapeshifter, and multi-dimensional creative. As a kid, just the smell of “the art room” at school was an invitation to a comforting place where she could express herself however she wanted to. Her creative background includes a BFA in painting from the University of Massachusetts, a number of other fine art disciplines, graphic design, photography/re-touching, illustration, writing, music, and the healing arts. She has taught drawing/painting, yoga, energy healing, and is now weaving all of these delicious practices into her own unique offerings. Having shifted and transformed through many different versions of herself, her motto through it all is that "Energy never dies... it just changes form."

She is a shaman and transformational artist working through creative mediums as a catalyst for change. Creativity is healing, and we all have the capacity to tap into our own well of this energy. As the artist, designer, and writer of her first oracle card deck "The Language of Heart Alchemy," Charlene has lived this process of transformation through her own art, and now wants to use it to help others through their own challenges and life-changing times. 

Art, sound, and movement will spark the latent love, joy and creativity within. To pull you back into the space of joy and delight — that wide open space of possibility which invites even more magic into your sphere. The "serious work" is to remember how to NOT be so serious — but instead, reclaim your openness and curiosity so that more magic can arrive for you.


She is the creator of The language of Heart Alchemy oracle card deck

and coloring book, The Colors of Expression coloring book, and with a Fine Arts degree, years of corporate graphic design experience, ever-flowing creative ideas, and deeply feeling empathetic self, she is consistently dreaming and weaving stories together for the next book, product, or visual adventure.

Look for The Language of Currency Tarot deck in 2020.