Oracle Card Readings

An Intuitive Oracle Card Reading with The Language of Heart Alchemy cards uses
a combination of the cards, intuitive insight/creativity, astrology, and energetic perception to offer you a way to receive deeper self awareness of your situation in
this moment of time. By getting present to yourself in the space you are in right NOW, you can tune into what this reading will be able to tell you about the situation in question. 

We will start with a short grounding/breath meditation where you will choose your intention for the reading. Ask yourself what you want to receive from this reading? This will be followed by pulling a series of cards. We will use a combination of conversation, writing, and sometimes drawing or sound to help bring up what needs your attention. The tools used will be decided by how the energy of the moment wants to speak to you.

These sessions are meant to be playful. Too much seriousness ruins the fun of exploring your inner world, and yes, this can be fun if you let it! It isn't about "fortune telling," it's about connecting more deeply with yourself. The more you are able to relax and play with the energies and information that comes up, the better off you will be, and the more insight you will receive.

This practice will help you create a deeper connection to yourself, through listening and being present in the moment. Your perception of your own situation can change and shift in big ways! Clarity will find its way through to you.

Live readings are done face to face through Zoom.

* If you choose to add the Astrological reading to your session, you will need to be able tor provide your exact date, time, and place of birth in order for me to access your natal chart. (All information is kept confidential)

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Shapeshifters Sanctuary?

It's an "online temple" You go in and you decide how much time you have and how much you need.

In Sanctuary you'll find:
• Magical potent practices
• Energetic self-care tune-ups
• Simple processes for a greater experience of life/love
• how to connect to your muses/guides
• Rhythmic check-ins to clarify your desires, intentions and goals
• Potent self-care strategies

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