Shows and Events

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Currently Available Paintings

Beach Ribbons  •  30 x 40"  •  $1,500.

Unicorn Rain  •  28-1/2 x 37" • $1,500.

Dark Moon Whispers  •  30 x 40" •  $1,500.

Expanding Vision  •   20 x 20"  •  $950.

Love Spiral  •  25 x 25"  •  $1,100.

Desert Petals  •  12 x 12"  •   $200.

Art is my medicine.

I'm a transformational artist... that is the best description I can come up with
to put some words on this page for now. Below is a (very small!) sampling of the visual art I've created over the years. The recent (2019) "Dark Moon Whispers"
and "Expanding Vision" are the first two on the top left. The rest is imagery from fantasy/sci-fi convention shows, to my collection called "The Urban Garden" for gallery shows, to the hearts created for my oracle card deck, to fully digital software creations using Photoshop, Poser, and Bryce. I've done one person
shows at coffee shops, partnered with other artists for pop-up spaces,
and been a part of many gallery group visual art shows and events.