80 Cards

The original deck comes with 80 cards. But wait, there's more! There will be more "extra" card packs available to add flavor and give you the power to customize your own deck. It's an ever-evolving oracle card deck that keeps shifting and changing, just like you.

3 Years

This deck was created over a 3 year period of my life. Each heart is hand painted, the box and card design is my own, and the messages were written as they came through me ready to speak.

The Language of Heart Alchemy
This 80 card deck is a divination system unlike any other. It is not based on any existing structure or logical order. Why? Well, consider how messages from your heart work. Is it analytical? Do these things usually make logical sense? No. Heart alchemy communication comes more from a subtle intuitive "knowing" energy. I invite you to play with this card deck in a way that feels correct for you and allows connection with the heart wisdom that comes through. The three-year period that it took to create this card deck was a journey for me through healing much of my own heart. Now I offer it up to you, to aid you on your own journey.
The story behind the cards

I never planned on creating

an oracle card deck on heart alchemy.

It seems to have chosen me.


It started with the idea of a heart as a face... as a being... and turned into a painting called "Growing a Peace of my Heart," which was chosen as part of a traveling show for The Whole 9 Gallery in Culver City CA. The show featured works that represented “Peace,” and was exhibited in L.A., New York, and San Francisco, with the proceeds going to the Gallery's charity of choice. I had created a few other pieces for this yearly show, but this one got the most attention (yes, including the fact that what is supposed to be the peace sign is missing a line... maybe peace is found in driving a luxury car) The original is now in a happy home in Colorado.​​​​

Not too long after that, another image came to me. Born from a long-distance love affair I was in at the time, "Broken Open" was channeled to me from all the raw and vulnerable discussion around deep hurts and broken hearts. When we did finally meet in person, I took a trip down to Mexico City and brought this painting as a gift for him. If you believe in past lives and loves... this was definitely one of those reunions. I also included this short piece of writing on the back of the painting panel – a description of what this heart needed to communicate to both of us.


“The broken pieces at the bottom,

each contain a gift for you to receive

seeds for growing a more intimate love

with yourself and others.


The broken pieces rise up together,

to create an enormous OPEN heart

That bursts into golden flames

and lights up the sky

able to give more...

able to receive more...

has created more space...

and taught you that you can expand and love MORE”


I'm grateful we were able to connect for the time that we did, and we had some pretty deep healing messages for each other. We chose very different paths for our lives this time, however, so we had to let each other go, with our hearts breaking open even wider.​​​​​


The third heart that came to me became called "Awakening." Now you might think of a blissful picture of light streaming down through the clouds and illuminating a beautiful moment... but what I was actually experiencing was my life being shaken up and torn apart inside and out! Everything from needing to move out of the place I had called home for 9 years and into a friends guest room, to wondering how money was going to show up, to what was transforming within my physical body and the bodies of most people at the time was this process of being energetically blown apart, rearranged, and hopefully put back together. On the larger scale, the energy and vibration of the planet has been shifting so intensely that our own little worlds have had the feeling of being in a multi-car crash on the 405 freeway.​​​​

I don't honestly remember which heart came next... there were several being drawn and created because at that point the heart imagery and information was coming through me so fast my pencil and drawing hand couldn't keep up! The journey of creating this card deck has been a healing one for my own heart and each painting has been its own exploration of channeled imagery and messages. The painting, writing, design, and creation process in itself is one that allows energy to be expressed and is healing because this information can be allowed come up, be acknowledged, and then leave the body, making space for new experiences!

This card deck is first and foremost about learning to love yourself. It is a journey back to self care and love. Creating this card deck was a labor of love, but the harder part comes now... sharing myself in the world in a way I have not done before. I've shown and sold paintings for a long time, but I've not shared myself/my experiences  through writing or through products like this one. It feels like the first step into sharing more from the deeper latent parts of myself that I may not even know yet. I'm doing some major pushing out of my comfort zone. More card decks imagery, and books to come :)

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Here is what people are saying

"Charlene's Hearts are my new friends! When I got them I had just had one of those really shitty days. I went to pick up my kids from school and there they were when I got back: my new hearts waiting for me in their little box. Not only did they make my day, but we've been inseparable ever since. Thank you Charlene for pouring your heart and soul into these cards, they are simply magical!"
~Catherine, Quebec, Canada

"I was looking through old photos/scrapbook memories recently and was reminded of some painful details from my past I had forgotten about. I realized this "forgetfulness" has become a coping strategy that I use when my heart has deemed something too unpleasant to remember. This selective memory has made me extremely timeline challenged, which is a bit alarming at times. The night after looking through the boxes of my past, I opened Charlene's Heart Alchemy Deck for the first time and shuffled the deck. A flood of emotion came over me as I stared at the card I picked from the deck. I immediately knew what that "Story" card meant. I have to document my past in some way instead of just trying to sweep the unpleasant pieces under the rug. That one simple card gave me the clarity needed to move towards a more authentic sense of self." 
~Kristen, Campton Lower Village, New Hampshire, USA

"I look forward to seeing what the Language of Heart Alchemy wants to reveal to me each day. Each card is unique, colorful, and filled with so much love. Everyone can learn from the wisdom and joy that Charlene shares. Leaves me feeling hopeful and inspired."
~Jennifer, Dana Point, California, USA