Day 16: 30 Days of Self Portraits

Ether 🌀❣️

Image: Self Portrait, pastel pencil and patterned/textured scrapbook paper

Bringing it all together... the pastel pencils and patterned/textured paper for one more... the ether. The place where all the elements play together. This portrait was kind of weird-feeling to do. I took a selfie lying down with my hair all splayed out around my head. When I sat down to start to carve out the shapes of light from my face, those shapes of light weren't so defined! When I have zero makeup on and take a picture in neutral lighting, there isn't so much contrast to play with 🤣 Funny how this is perfect for the "ether," which is a place that is pretty nebulous and shifty, and changeable. Yes you are reading this on a site called Shapeshifter Studios, so it's a form of shapeshifting for sure 🌀

With #Chiron, sometimes this is the place where we need to sit and let things happen. Feel the feelings, watch the energy play, let the chaos be a whirlwind of destruction and then creation. That's kind of how I'm feeling as I do these portraits, and it's changing me... this process... really. Art really is medicine. It's a place to go to process whatever energy is coming up in you and then receive the messages your art tells you. More to come with that, as I have something that I'm planning, and will share with you all soon.

Sounds for the day: GrooveSession, Mother Nature

(The band from the Laguna Gallery opening!)

"To me, it's like the difference between a pen and a paintbrush. Music draws from almost the identical place as art does, which really is that intangible - it's like you're pulling from the ether. I don't know where it comes from. Nobody really does. It sort of arrives when it wants to." —Brandon Boyd

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