Day 18: 30 Days of Self Portraits

Power 🌚🌝

Image: Self Portrait, Acrylic paint on canvas paper

Back in the acrylic paints for today. Working with black and white, yin and yang, dark and light, sun and moon, and the extremes which need to be integrated to call back ALL our personal power. Over the past 10 years (longer actually) I've learned a lot about where I've just given away my personal power and how I've needed to claim so many lost pieces of myself back. The painting is a representation of the dark, the light, and the integration in the center... when we call back all those lost pieces of our wholeness.

To anyone who is actually reading these blog posts, I hope some things are making sense... I'm just putting down words in the moment... no editing 🤣 or this would take me way too long! Writing like this, putting it in a blog, and publishing it on my site is pretty nerve wracking truthfully!!!

#Chiron is helping me to do this by bringing all those dark pieces out into the light. Chiron takes us down into the basement of our core wound and helps us excavate what needs to stay, go, or be renewed.

Sounds for the day: Björk - Charlene

"The sun does not abandon the moon to darkness." —Brian A. McBride, Dominion

Today is actually a pretty powerful day in the astrology world. Right in the energy of a big Leo full moon, and Chiron in Aries along with Venus, pointed directly in my chart to me focusing on me and all my colors. There have been so many lost pieces of myself that I abandoned long ago, or stuffed down out of a need to survive emotionally.

❤️ For more on the Astrology of today, and the heart healing through Chiron and Venus...

see this post from AstroButterfly ❤️

I've had lots of "tools" to help me integrate my dark and light and find all

my colored pieces 😁

Yoga started the healing of my body and all that trapped emotional trauma many years back. Astrology has always been there for me. Energy work, both the giving and the receiving of it has been a huge game changer, and that's all I can say here or I'll write a book. Dancing gets you into your body and keeps energy moving and flowing. Art and painting brings me back to presence. Presence with myself, presence in my space, presence in my body. Tantra is right there with all the yoga and energy work... deep breathing through all the chakras, and power in pleasure. Music and Singing also moves energy in a big way for me. When I'm singing I'm my true self there, which is why it was so hard to open up more when I was younger... It's like just leaving my heart there in front of you. Music allows me to feel what I need to feel and to express that whether that is "approved" by anyone around me or not!

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