Day 19: 30 Days of Self Portraits

Many Faces 😁🤪🙄

Image: Self Portrait, Pastels on Pastel paper

Day 19: Many Faces 😁🤪🙄 #30daysofselfportraits #chironinaries #chironreturn

This one has a story behind it. Many moons ago... back in college when one of my assignments was to do a self portrait in a painting class, I just really didn't want to do it. As I said on my first day of this 30 day adventure... I hated doing self portraits. So for whatever reason, I don't remember exactly why, I decided to take a few goofy-face pictures of myself and make a Totem Pole. This made it fun for me... being able to not take myself so seriously... and make myself into my own personal Totem Pole 🤣

My brother thought it was hilarious, and I ended up giving him the original painting, which is pretty tall. (I loved painting BIG and still do). I'm wondering if he still has it...

This small pastel is really a sketch. I could take this concept and do a large painting that would take me much longer to complete because I can see so much more detail than what I quickly put down here. I might take this one to another level in the future 😉

Sounds for the day: Lady Gaga - Poker Face

"On the journey to myself I've been so many people."

Doing the Totem Pole this time made me go do a little research on the meaning of them. Here's a little taste of what I found.

Totem Pole Symbols:

The figures carved on a Totem pole might include a person, animals, birds or insects and might also display mythological and legendary images, usually Animal Spirits, whose significance was their association with the lineage of the tribe. The totem pole is built in three sections and the position of figures on the Totem pole are also significant.

The bottom section of the Totem Pole is the most important as it displays the symbols and images in the most visible and prominent position. Totem poles are read from bottom to top.

The top section of the Totem Pole often display flamboyant portrayals of Mythical creatures and monsters such as the Thunderbird and the Haida tribe artists might often place three Watchmen with tall hats on top of their Totem Pole creations

Other mythical creatures such as a scaly double-headed serpent called Sisiutl, the thunderbird and a supernatural shape-shifting bird called Kolus might also be featured.

Identifying Totem Pole Symbols and Images:

The images carved on the Totem Pole were carved to represent human and animal faces rather than to look exactly like them. Each figure bore an identifying symbol. Erect ears on a Totem Pole figure distinguished an animal from a man. The killer whale had a protruding dorsal fin, and the eagle, a curved beak.

#chironinaries #chironreturn #30daysofselfportraits

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