Day 2: 30 Days of Self Portraits

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Rushed... after a day at a workshop, I had to find some energy to do a drawing...

Image: Self Portrait with pink and blue ball-point pens

I went to an AMAZING workshop today... on voice, speaking, telling your story. It was two hours away from here, up in Venice, CA., so now I'm just getting back and had to do the portrait for THIS story 🤣 It's a rushed one... I took a quick whacky selfie of myself and got out a pink and blue ball point pen. Probably 5 minutes tops here... I think I'm feeling fun and playful after todays workshop so it just looks like a strange kind of caricature. Not sure when my chin and lips got so big... 😲 ...but I can laugh at myself...

“Today needed to be an extra quick one, so I went with just capturing the energy in a very short time.”

"Gesture" drawings

Back in my early days of figure drawing classes this was called “gesture drawing,” to do quick studies like this. It was about capturing the energy of that moment more than trying to create a perfect drawing. We would do 30 second, one minute, and 5 minute drawings of the model. The 30 second ones were the most challenging....

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