Day 23: 30 Days of Self Portraits

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Simple 👋 🎶

Image: Self Portrait, Sharpie and drawing paper

Keeping it simple and quick today. I haven't picked up a guitar or bass for at least 8 years at this point. This drawing is from an older picture of me, and I had fun being able to contrast the curvy lines of my face and hair with the harder angles of the bass neck, strings, and frets. I think I need a bass. I think I always liked playing around with that more than a guitar... I remember in college I had a suitemate who had a bass but she always wanted to borrow my guitar... while I always wanted to borrow her bass 🤣 Any way I swing it, I have to get back into music more... mainly with singing!

Sounds for the day: Lady Alma 'It's House Music' (Feel It Mix)

"I could sing you a thousand and one doo-wop songs. I love the simplicity in that music. It's not super-poetic, it's just from the heart." —Bruno Mars

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