Day 25: 30 Days of Self Portraits

Precious Metals 🥇🥈🥉

Image: Self Portrait, metallic acrylic paint on canvas paper

I felt like playing with only metallics today. My favorite line of acrylic paint is Golden... I've been an addict since I used to demo and sell them at a large art supply store. Iridescent bright gold, silver, copper, and bronze. One of my favorites to use, Micaceous iron oxide, is like painting with thick metal flakes, and looks all dark and sparkly when it's applied (much more effective to the eye to see the painting in real life!) Golden also has a line of what they call "interference" colors, in all hues, but also metallics, so they can be mixed in to the paints or used as layers on top for all sorts of fun and interesting visual and textural effects. I remember when I used to work at Charrette's, right out of college, a giant art and drafting supply company (which I think is now gone), I was in charge of the fine arts department, and had fun demonstrating what this line of paints and gels and texture gels, and more, could do for creative painters.

Well, my Micaceous is all dried up... so I couldn't add that into my plan for the painting today 🙄 have had that container for a while, so I guess it's time to get another one.

Metallics, though, always make something feel extra special. Kind of like when digging into the knot of #Chiron and excavating the gifts and other latent talents/precious resources that lie inside us. I decided to do a little research on the spiritual properties of metals, and found this (copied below from site)

“Adorning Alchemy”

GOLD: is the master metal – it aligns with the sun, with sacred Source energy and is in harmony with your crown chakra. Gold literally enhances your ‘golden good’, supporting all positive qualities and abundant thoughts – it is the law of attraction, in action!

Gold has a courageous and assertive energy, helping to remove blockages and promote a ‘golden glow’, that stands unaffected by outside influence. Well-being, wealth and wisdom are all enhanced.

In the physical, gold stands supreme and is unaffected by acids – so in the spiritual, gold strives to illuminate your Divine direction, outside of dis-empowering energies.

ROSE GOLD: Where yellow gold holds the frequency of the Divine Masculine…rose gold holds the frequency of the Divine Feminine. The sacred rose rays of Mother Mary supported by the angelic realms wraps you in feelings of nurture and protection.

Rose Gold expands your heart for service; your capacity to bring love into all situations and shine your light. Your sensitivity is a great gift and supports your Soul Path of purpose in radiant ways. Rose gold magnifies your attitude of gratitude and appreciation. bringing abundant blessings and more to be grateful for.

SILVER: aligns with the energy of the moon. It is the metal of emotions and sensitivity, it is reflective and will mirror your soul’s search for sacred space.

Silver serves to expand your psychic awareness and your intentions to be love and to nurture, support and heal one another. Silver sees no judgement, seeking only to bring balance and calm, especially during times of change and transition.

In the physical, silver can be affected by acids causing tarnish, so on a spiritual level you must be mindful that toxic thoughts don’t ‘tarnish’ your highest aspirations for greater good – stay outside of the drama and negative energies, instead nurture your spirit and co-create with Divine Source energy for protection and peace.

COPPER: aligns with Venus and is the magical metal of love and goodwill. Copper supports your deep gratitude and appreciation for the beauty in your life and will build bonds of friendship and connection.

Copper is the natural conductor of compassion and is warm and welcoming – expanding your awareness of the cosmic cords of unconditional love and the grace of goodwill.

In the physical, copper cooperates beautifully with the other metals, so in the spiritual, copper supports union and oneness. Be mindful, copper is affected by acids and will go verdigris, so watch that your thoughts are not turning toxic with jealousy or envy.

Sounds for the day: Merge of Equals, This Is How I Feel

"I think there is an element of magic in photography - light, chemistry, precious metals - a certain alchemy. You can wield a camera like a magic wand almost. Murmur the right words and you can conjure up proof of a dream. I believe in wonder. I look for it in my life every day; I find it in the most ordinary things." —Keith Carter

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