Day 29: 30 Days of Self Portraits

Purple 💜🌟💜

Image: Self Portrait, Acrylic paint on canvas paper

I wanted to play with monochrome for this one, and my favorite color. Don't get me wrong, I love ALL THE COLORS, but purple has always had a special place in my heart... as did the "Aphrodite Blackberry" couch I used to have. I went almost all monochrome here... but the gold just wanted to sneak in 😉

Sounds for the day: Florence & the Machine, Spectrum

"'Almost' is all about gradations and nuance and about suggestion and shades. Not quite a red wine, but not crimson, not purple either, or maroon; come to think of it, 'almost' Bordeaux." —Andre Aciman

#chironinaries #chironreturn #30daysofselfportraits

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