Day 3: 30 Days of Self Portraits

The Wink! I decided to give myself, my portrait, a little more time and attention today, because... well... I am worth it.

Image: Self Portrait, watercolor and acrylic paint on paper

This was created from what is actually my favorite photo of myself. It was taken at a women's business workshop weekend some years ago (NOT any kind of "typical" business workshop...) and part of that was a mini-photoshoot. We got to play around in front of the camera, which I was having a very hard time doing, but then had a moment when I guess I (finally) let my real self through, winked, and the photographer actually caught it.

“Now if I could just keep this "me" around more of the time...”

The Process:

I started with a quick pencil sketch on watercolor paper, then some watercolor pencil on top of that, and then started smudging the pencil a bit with water. Shortly after starting that way it was clear that I needed to grab my favorite medium... Acrylic paint. This called for something bolder. So this painting is a mix of a few mediums, and I feel good about it ❤️😁

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