Day 8: 30 Days of Self Portraits

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Pattern Recognition

Image: Self Portrait, pastel pencils on patterned paper

I need to get some more drawing paper of different kinds... I'm out... and I've been avoiding my favorite medium for the moment, Acrylic paint, because then I'll just stay in that! I want to mix it up more. So, today I grabbed a piece of patterned paper from a scrapbooking book that I had left over from a "vision board" party. This of course got me to thinking about patterns, and seeing patterns in our lives, and how doing things like portrait challenges for 30 days can help you see and break those patterns 👀

The Conté à Paris pastel pencils called to me again, because I knew they'd work good on this patterned and kind of textured paper... enough so you could see the patterns through the drawing. I might try paint on this stuff next. The time for doing the portraits I'm still keeping short, around a half-hour or so, but at some point I'll break out my paints and do some more in-depth ones. Guess I'm just not ready for that quite yet with my own face. Well I've got 23 more days to do that. Hahahaha...

I'm rolling my eyes in the image, because that's kind of what I do when I realize I'm catching myself in a moment of "pattern" behavior, living, doing, that I don't want anymore. It's that "time to change" moment. I've had a lot of those. I also have a lot of friends going through a lot of those, and we are great mirrors for each other 👏

Chiron is a planet of healing. It's great at showing you first-hand how events, decisions, and activities you experience/create can lead to unraveling the giant knot of pain that has been tied for too long. Chiron helps you to be your own teacher and guide, and in turn be a guide and teacher to others. Those of us in our #chironreturn in Aries are here to be the new warriors for the self ♈️

"Unraveling," by Elise Trouw

“You could ignore and forget every "coincidence" that occurs in your life, you could notice them, record them in some way, and see if there's a pattern... a pattern that you need to change."

Chiron is asking me, who am I at a unique level? For me personally, Chiron is in my 5th house of creativity, joy, sex, spontaneous self expression, risk-taking, children, and love. It's all about the pleasure of being alive! I've taken quite a few risks in my life, and however they've turned out, have always been worth it in the long run. I love change and exploration. My life has, however, been in a "stuck" place for a few years, and this hasn't exactly left me joyful. My 5th house Chiron wants her wild back, and she's going to get it.

I'm exploring my individuality to see all my gifts in a new way, and being pushed to find the right actions to take towards them. Chiron in Aries is efficient at tracking down the issues so they can be brought to resolution quickly... so healing can happen faster. Chiron in general governs love and compassion as well, so as I see the deeper wounds I need to invite in the love. Aries is warrior and action energy, so Chiron there is activating my inner warrior to be brave, which for me means being more vulnerable, and this is turning into a conscious visible practice of 30 days of portraits 🤣 Healing for me seems to be more about courage and action in the area of letting myself (the real me) be SEEN more. It's ok to come out of hiding and show my (real) face. Those who appreciate the real me will still be there.

#chironinaries #chironreturn #30daysofselfportraits

...and when you recognize a pattern...

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