Day 9: 30 Days of Self Portraits

Whatever 不

Image: Self Portrait, watercolor on non-watercolor paper

Decided I was just going to go off the rails today... put down paint and see where my brush wanted to take me using an older goofy-face picture of me. I like making goofy faces, since they are way more fun than "nice" pictures. I'm sure this is due to having so many faeries whispering in my ears all the time 不 they like to play jokes. Since today is Imbolic, the goddess Brigid might have been playing with me too. This is just a very light pencil sketch, and then watercolor doing whatever the hell it wants.

Imbolic marks the midpoint between the winter solstice and spring equinox. Traditionally associated with the Celtic goddess Brigid, it is a time for cleansing, purification, and renewal.

Chiron is doing a good job of making sure I do all of that 遲梗儭

I let the sounds of this Sacral Chakra Healing track guide me today.

This is just a very light pencil sketch, and then watercolor doing whatever the hell it wants."

As I continue on my very imperfect portrait creation journey here, this piece of writing from Toko-Pa gives some more insight to the season 歹

"In the Old Irish, the word Imbolic means "in the belly," which refers to the pregnancy of ewes at this time of year.

This in-the-belly time, when a new life is stirring within, but before its taken form, can be fraught with a jumble of confusing emotions.

After having persevered so long in the dark - purging, detoxing, sloughing off old stories that were keeping you in stagnancy - the new sparkle is a welcome sign of life. The reward for your sacrifice of familiarity for vitality!

But you may also feel doubtful of your ability to parent this new life into maturity. Who are you without those old structures youve been purging? Can the fragility of your nascent life withstand this volatile next season?

But there is really nothing left to do now, except affirm your allegiance to the inner knowing that seeded this change. To remember the longing that initiated it in the first place. To continue clearing the obstacles to your next becoming. And to count, even by millimeters, the increase of your joy and well-being.

As you finally emerge with greater ownership of your values and gifts, remember to honor the as yet fragile nature of new life. Tell yourself the story, again and again, of the love you offer, and the love you deserve, while your vision gains strength at the root. And when others praise your sudden arrival, I will remember the long bravery of your descent."

Toko-pa (

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