"Where are you going?
Through a portal towards home.
Why did you leave?
To find myself
so I could inspire others."

I'm a transformational artist... and my art has done a great job at transforming ME! Through the years I've shown and sold fantasy themed paintings at Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention shows, abstract and collage paintings at gallery shows, and a mix of things at fairs and other events. I love creating using "all the tools," which includes traditional painting (mainly acrylic but also watercolor) as well as digital (Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, 3D tools) and combining the physical with the digital. I've been a graphic designer for around 20 years which has also influenced my work and my ideas. Through it all, creating my art has helped me continue to see and experience the joy and wonder of life, kept me sane, kept me centered, and helped move me though difficult and challenging times. I believe that's why I was given this gift to develop. As an artist, I have to keep zeroing in again and again on what makes me ME, because that is what makes this work that only I can make!

Currently available works
I've jumped into NFTs head on, but will be doing a couple shows and fairs this year.
See below for current work (paintings and digital works) and what is available both as an NFT only - OR -
as an NFT with perks (aka, you get the actual painting!)

Everything is changing fast in the Art world!
I'm even wondering if having this website up will be needed in the near future...
but until then, here is a link with ALL that I have up available now!

OpenSea, Rarible, and other links

A SMALL sampling of past work and photos from shows...