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The Language of Currency will be a Tarot deck containing digital collage art, a written book, fully designed box, and other elements (specially designed for this deck), created by me. It will also contain two extra cards, to make it a deck of 80. I felt the two new cards were needed, because as we move into future there are just some things that I couldn't fit into the old Tarot way of seeing things.
I had originally planned to have this Tarot deck out in 2020, but, well, life decided to do something different that year. This deck has been in creation mode for a couple of years, as these things take time to marinate and unfold. The images came to me pretty quickly, but the messages kept shifting and changing, and I realized the deck wanted me to use it... play with it... for a little while before the messages would really let themselves be known. As we have been witnessing in the game of currency in the world, things are shifting and changing big time! I'm now aiming for 2024 as the year for finishing and publishing. Follow me on Instagram for updates! (links below)
The Language of Heart Alchemy is fully designed (box & cards), written, and painted by me. Over 100 6x6inch heart paintings were created for this deck (including the "extra" cards), and there might be some more on the way... this is kind of a "living card deck," and just like the energy of your actual heart, always has new revelations!
(ps. the paintings are available for sale if one of the images really speaks to you. Contact me if you are interested, and I'll let you know if I still have the one you might be wanting. Some have already sold.)
This 80 card deck is a divination system unlike any other. It is not based on any existing structure or logical order. Why? Well, consider how messages from your heart work. Is it analytical? Do these things usually make logical sense? No. Heart alchemy communication comes more from a subtle intuitive "knowing" energy. I invite you to play with this card deck in a way that feels correct for you and allows connection with the heart wisdom that comes through. The three-year period that it took to create this card deck was a journey for me through healing a lot of my own heart hurt. Now I offer it up to you, to aid you on your own journey.​​​ This card deck is first and foremost about learning to love yourself. It is a journey back to self care and self love.
You can purchase the card deck here.

Here is an article I wrote about "learning my own language" with the creation of the cards.

Here is what people are saying:

"Charlene's Hearts are my new friends! When I got them I had just had one of those really shitty days. I went to pick up my kids from school and there they were when I got back: my new hearts waiting for me in their little box. Not only did they make my day, but we've been inseparable ever since. Thank you Charlene for pouring your heart and soul into these cards, they are simply magical!"
~Catherine, Quebec, Canada

"I was looking through old photos/scrapbook memories recently and was reminded of some painful details from my past I had forgotten about. I realized this "forgetfulness" has become a coping strategy that I use when my heart has deemed something too unpleasant to remember. This selective memory has made me extremely timeline challenged, which is a bit alarming at times. The night after looking through the boxes of my past, I opened Charlene's Heart Alchemy Deck for the first time and shuffled the deck. A flood of emotion came over me as I stared at the card I picked from the deck. I immediately knew what that "Story" card meant. I have to document my past in some way instead of just trying to sweep the unpleasant pieces under the rug. That one simple card gave me the clarity needed to move towards a more authentic sense of self." 
~Kristen, Campton Lower Village, New Hampshire, USA

"I look forward to seeing what the Language of Heart Alchemy wants to reveal to me each day. Each card is unique, colorful, and filled with so much love. Everyone can learn from the wisdom and joy that Charlene shares. Leaves me feeling hopeful and inspired."
~Jennifer, Dana Point, California, USA

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